Our good friends from the UK, Bicep, who came out to Shanghai last year for a few shows courtesy of Heatwolves!, have just released their track ‘Strawberry’ digitally. Their Shanghai Studio set (the first and only time I’ve been there) was by far one of the funnest nights I’ve had in the city… The Hey Song absolutely blew the roof off that place. Here’s what Rory and Andy said about their latest re-release: ‘Our first ever 12″, a rather rough’n’ready rework of Brother’s Johnson, dropped on Citizen Kane’s Ghost Town imprint a few years ago, selling out in less than a week (thanks everyone!) It’s just had a digital re-release, so if dig – you can now pick it up here! Enjoy! via Juno Records:
”More sophisticated edit goodness from Dennis “Citizen” Kane’s illicit re-edit imprint, now available digitally for the first time. The real killer here is “Strawberry”, the Bicep boys’ luscious rework of the Brothers Johnson’s oft-overlooked cosmic disco jam “Strawberry Letter 23″. It’s an excellent edit, solidifying the lower end whilst losing none of the original’s all-encompassing melodic charm”
Check out their amazing blog here for all sorts of disco-ey goodness. STRAWBERRY by BICEP
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