Before entering kindergarten, the odds are, you were able to distinguish between dogs and cats. You didn’t learn this by reading an anatomy textbook, or collecting hair samples. You learned by association, by asking your parents, “is that a dog?” several times until you could make the distinction yourself. This associative-learning ability doesn’t require instructions and operates quickly, making us more bad-ass than computers (though we are starting to lose ground here). The point is, sometimes it takes learning what something is not, to better understand what something else is. This brings me to the new music video posted by teen “artist” Rebecca Black. This ten-car-pile-up of a music video will make you cringe, but you won’t look away, I promise. As a bonus, there’s even an embarrassing school-bus rap towards the end by some dude that’s way too old to be a part of this project. If you have never listened to music before today, consider this a crash course in what bad music is.I mean bad. At the time of writing, at least three people who transcribed the lyrics were possessed by an impulse to quit their jobs and open an after-school-education non profit. You’ve been warned.
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