Everyone here in Shanghai has noticed a change in the weather recently. For many of us, that means one thing… time to get back in the gym and hit the treadmill so Olaf doesn’t make you look like a fool at TICT’s first pool party. But this year there’s also some good news. As of two weeks ago, that Baberaham Lincoln you keep running into at Gil Wanton is statistically more likely to be single than at any other time of the year. Keep in mind these are only statistics and we can’t expect everyone to have made the right decision for themselves. Don’t be discouraged if she flashes that pre-engagement ring at you! It just means you may need to bring out the big guns. If the 90’s taught us anything, it’s that 1) music sounds best with five male singers and 2) your man ain’t got nothing to do with me. Need a reminder on number 2? Tighten up your game with a line from this classic.  
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