Every summer since I’ve been in Shanghai, Morgan Short of SmartShanghai, has done a tasting review of novelty ice cream bars from our neighborhood mini mart, and in doing so, satiates our dying curiosity about corn and pea flavored popsicles and saves us from the misery that said popsicles would present to us were we to actually consume them. It also saves us about 6 kuai. This year’s article is not lacking in the usual gems found in Mr. Short’s creative writing. “Behold the face of evil: a frozen rice base with a single over-sized kernel of corn, three withered chili peppers that might also be pork strips, a single raisin in the western quadrant, and black rice (rat shit?) speckled conservatively throughout. All frozen harder than marble and designed to withstand the vicissitudes of history, ultimately intended as a permanent and undying reminder of the villainy and tyranny men inflict on one another.” Read more here Mr. Short also does a weekly article on bands and music in China.
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