If you read my last post, you know spring is here and couples all over are breaking up like it’s their damn job. That’s right, the invisible hand of Richard Dawkins is once again shuffling the deck, eagerly awaiting a new love spawned some fateful Thursday-night at Dada. This season, we are instinctively driven to test out new combinations of our genetic makeup in hopes of creating a more perfect vehicle to carry our likeness forward. For all of us, mixing and matching is the secret to immortality… at least as far as our DNA is concerned. Out with the old, in with the new. It sounds great on paper, but it’s easier said than done, right? Wrong. Making that connection all starts with looking fresh. Your current style may have worked for that last lady or dude, but it won’t necessarily work for the next one. Sometimes, you’ve got to swap denim before you can swap genes, and that’s where these guys come in… On Saturday, May 14th, be sure to spend some time at Cotton’s on Xinhua Road, where you can trade in those tired clothes for a new outfit, and shortly afterwards, a new mate. The whole process doesn’t even have to cost you a Mao. Don’t worry, if none of the contributed bathing suits do your new beach-body justice, exchange your donations for store credit and take something home from William the Bee Keeper. Naturally, there will be plenty to sort through from several local designers as well. I’m pretty sure this qualifies as a win-win-win situation, somehow. See you there. More details: The Shanghai Closet Swap  
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