We’re in the home stretch before we jump head first & shirtless into another one of those weekends! It’s Friday once again, and we’re introducing a new weekly column: ‘Flavor Of The Week.’  This will be the place to discover music your speakers will appreciate, and that will make your neighbors want to move in with you. This week we’re kicking things off with: ZOMBIE DISCO SQUAD ZDS is a London-based production duo comprised of Nathaniel Self and Lucas Hunter, who are well known for their ‘Get Rude’ parties. The duo started putting out mixtapes back in 2006 over the internet, which picked up quite a lot of momentum. Their love for weird percussion, jackin’ beats and house soon became their signature and helped them leave home and travel the world. They just uploaded this 15-track set on soundcloud, which includes a bunch of remixes, originals and edits. Enjoy!
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