2nd Anniversary Beach Party IS ON (AGAIN)!


updated 5/29: THE SUN IS OUT! GRAB YOUR BIKINIS AND SPEEDOS! THE BEACH IS ON!!!!!! We forgot to send the sun his hongbao last week, so he didn’t show up.  Thanks to all the hardcore kids who still danced through the rain with us… see you again on Sunday! We’re asking for your help this time – please bust out your hottest reverse-rain dances every morning before breakfast.  Ours looks like the Macarena with our pants backwards and all our fingers and toes crossed. Ice cream, hot summer beats, delicious food, amazing views, cheap drinks and a party like Monday never comes with DJs Siesta, Jay Soul, and Sal plus TICT residents The Uhhh and Mau Mau. FREE for the FIRST HOUR (12pm-1pm) w/RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com 100RMB, otherwise. **IF YOU RSVPed LAST WEEK – you’re already on the list =) ** **RSVP Guest List will close at 5:00pm the day before the event – Saturday, May 28** **Only 1 RSVP guest per email address** IF THE WEATHER LOOKS SKETCHY: check www.tictcreative.com on the morning of the 29th and IF IT RAINS AGAIN: we will keep moving the date back until the sun shines and the hype is unbearable so stay posted ******************************************************** The Ice Cream Truck is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary with a massive Beach Party! Believe it or not, there’s actually a beach on the Bund! This outdoor bar has white sand, cheap drinks, deck chairs, umbrellas, and a view that can’t be beat. On Saturday, May 21, The Ice Cream Truck takes over Sunny Beach for an all-day rager, bringing together Shanghai’s top underground DJs to mix fresh summer tracks from noon till 2am. Come celebrate with Siesta, Deville, Sal, and resident DJs Mau Mau and The Uhhh. Plus Mr. Softee’s Ice Cream Truck will be serving delicious ice cream while you take a volleyball break or float in the kiddie pool. It’s been two years of hot, fun Shanghai summers with TICT on the scene, thanks to your support – and we’re just getting started! Check out the music: http://soundcloud.com/jane-siesta http://soundcloud.com/jay-soul Rico Rico Beach Club (formerly Sunny Beach) Waima Lu near Maojiayuan Lu 外马路近毛家园路 Entrance near the Cool Docks (Lao Ma Tou) 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu 中山南路505号 12pm-2am FREE for the FIRST HOUR (12pm-1pm) w/RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com 100rmb, otherwise Special thanks to our supporting partners: City Moments, Shanghai Fun, and Mister Softee. IF IT RAINS AGAIN: we will keep postponing until the #*($&*@ sun shines so stay tuned ******************************************************** 冰激凌卡车两周年沙滩派对 冰激凌卡车团队庆祝两周年盛大的沙滩派对! 嘿朋友们,你们相信吗!外滩有一个沙滩!如果你看新民晚报或者神马早报或者早间新闻的话,可能对此有所了解,但是不一定到过那里吧?!这个好场子有干净的白色沙滩(金山的沙滩可是不能和这里比哦!那边人又多…….opps)清爽利口的饮料,舒适的躺椅,大遮阳伞,以及——牛逼的外滩景色,厌倦了同别的游客一样散步拍照看江景?!那就来我们无敌的沙滩派对吧!我们这有上海最好的地下帅哥美女Dj们,例如:Siesta, Deville, Sal, 和驻场 DJs Mau Mau 和 The Uhhh,这都是我们王牌Dj呦,他们将用最新鲜的夏日混音,让你从周六中午嗨到周日凌晨! 哎对了,不止这些呦:Mr. Softee的冰激凌卡车将会为大家带来美味可口的冰激凌,跳舞跳累的话你们要玩玩沙滩排球以及在儿童游泳池里玩玩漂浮,也不是不可以啦。上海的夏日美景因为冰激凌卡车而变得更加热辣和美丽,谢谢大家一贯的支持以及帮助,我们才刚刚起步,并且会因为你们的支持变得好更强:) 音乐试听: http://soundcloud.com/jane-siesta http://soundcloud.com/blaise-deville 地址:Rico Rico Beach Club 外马路近毛家园路 入口位于中山南路505号,老码头 时间:5月21日周六中午12点之后到周日凌晨一点 中午12点到下午1点入场免费,名额有限,请您尽早回复至: rsvp@tictcreative.com 其他时段入场均为100元人民币 更多信息请您访问:www.tictcreative.com
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