Mustard Pimp is the french production duo Baron and eKa, signed to Dim Mak. They label their music as House Less, which basically means a music-genreless wanderer or in other words a wild mix of church-metal, rock, electro, acid and techno music. 2011 will see the release of their first full length debut album. Really looking forward to that! They got their start in 2008 putting together a variety of remixes for The Crookers, Steve Aoki, Steed Lord, A1 Bassline, Stereoheroes, Dada Life etc. Their debut single ‘Oh La La Satan‘ was released on Crux Records in September 2008, and they immediately released their second EP ‘Raging Blood’ on Idiot house records the following month. Their singles “Cherry” and “Kiwi” were signed to Dim Mak Records in 2009. Its rather difficult to put a musical genre-stamp on MP. They tend to mix and experiment with a wide range of musical styles, ranging from House to Breakbeat to Electro. Their love of laying down dope mixtapes is still going strong, and their very own Catastrophe Mixtape series just saw the release of its 8th-incarnation. Listen below. Enjoy! Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 8 by mustard pimp
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