This started as a review of Style of Eye’s fantastic new EP ‘Wet/Dry’.  I loved the music, and thought it would be fun to write about.  But it quickly became something different: an essay/warning, that it’s next to impossible to describe music Teki Latex has already written about.  It’s like trying to make another cartoon movie about a poor Arab guy who falls in love with a princess but needs help from a genie a magic carpet and his pet klepto monkey Abu to win her heart… Writing about music is tough to begin with.  It’s easy to sound pretentious, and descriptions or praise quickly give way to “just listen to it.”  Enter Teki Latex.  He’s the label head for Sound Pellegrino, purveyors of fun and quirky house music like the aforementioned Style of Eye tracks.  Teki writes a small novel for each SP release, and they’re a combination of silly and smart, credible and fun, that make it easy to understand why Sound Pellegrino’s sounds are so infectious – you wish he’d write something for every song you’ve ever enjoyed.   Some of my favorites: on Wet/Dry: “club smashers stripped down to their bare essentials but not devoid of melody, structure and charisma.  Big room sensuality is back in the most subtle and fragile way.  Sweden, y’all.” On Bart B More’s ‘Romane’: “the most seriously earth shattering, body shaking, mind motivating alarm siren that just screams “get up and dance, young hero, it’s time to save the world.” On Para One’s ‘Kiwi’: “music that will make your girlfriend say “I hate that electro crap you always listen to but I’m in love with that Kiwi song can you play it again” and then you’ll go “you don’t get it, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s not electro it’s house” but by the time you finish your sentence she will be biting your lip, one hand caressing your neck and the other reaching for your credit card in an attempt to force you into getting that Beatport account you never thought would be necessary.  Good girl.” Dance music – on the club/house side of the spectrum especially – is lacking in literature.  Anything indie-leaning has Pitchfork; UK Bass has great magazines like XLR8R.  House and electro have the Erol Alkan forums, but . . . you know what forums are like. So cheers to Teki Latex and the rest of the Sound Pellegrino team for putting out really nice music and then writing about it.  Now just listen to Style of Eye’s Wet/Dry :-) STYLE OF EYE — ‘Wet / Dry’ EP preview by soundpellegrino  
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