On Friday, July 15th the most colorful collaboration Shanghai’s ever seen takes over Pan!c Room for a night of creative mayhem and dancefloor chaos. Frau Ana creates fun, bright fashion – she’s inspired by art, music, and Shanghai life.  It’s only natural that she teams up with TICT to spread party love: introducing NEON KIDS.  This night will also launch a line of  hot new “Frau Ana x TICT” tank tops and bags, preview Frau’s Summer collection, and premier the first Frau Ana music video.  Think rock n roll, crowd surfing, and 2-D titties, but don’t think too much.  You’ll just have to see it. Join new friends and old friends, strike a pose in the neon photo booth, win free swag in giveaways, and top it all off with bright sizzling beats from Siesta and TICT DJs Mau Mau and The Uhhh:  House, Electro, UK Funky, DnB and beyond. It’s happening at Pan!c Room, Shanghai’s newest underground hotspot.  Which means quality drinks, comfy nooks to chill in, and a proper space to dance. Celebrate our colorful lives in Shanghai with TICT and Frau Ana – NEON KIDS is not a party to miss. Frau Ana x The Ice Cream Truck NEON KIDS Friday, July 15th 10pm ‘til dawn 20 RMB. Pan!c Room 10 Hengshan Lu, Basement Level, near Wulumuqi Lu 衡山10号, 地下一楼, 近乌鲁木齐路 *************************************************************************************** Frau Ana联合The Ice Cream Truck呈现: 霓虹灯潮人 7月15号周五,上海最色彩斑斓的“勾结”将会在新晋时尚地标Pan!C Room上演,众霓虹潮人们将给大家带来混乱但美妙创意和欢闹的舞池理念。 Frau Ana创造了一种有趣,明亮的时尚:她受音乐,艺术,以及上海生活的影响创造了许多佳作。她将和TICT一起联手传播给大家派对之爱:介绍“霓虹灯潮人”两者的合作令人激动并且理所应当:都符合年轻人身上时尚,勇于冒险,敢于创造的精神。当天晚上还会发布最新一季“Frau Ana x联手TICT”的潮衣和包品等,预览Frau的夏季展品和她第一支MV,设想一下吧:摇滚乐,跳水,D罩杯内什么……不过别想太多呦 赶紧加入你的新老朋友群里,在霓虹灯photo booth下面拜拜pose,最潮的牛人说不定就是你们喽!当然我们还有很酷的礼物等你们赢得,最秒的是有来自Dj Siesta和TICT俩当家DJs:Mau Mau,The UHHH!带给大家欢快热辣的节奏:House, Electro, UK Funky, DnB and beyond. 活动将会在沪上新晋地下时尚地标:Pan!c Room举行。它以质优的酒水,舒服的休息区域,令人舒服的舞池为特色,近期在沪上潮人中口碑很赞 总之这是一个你不能错过的活动呦:音乐和时尚的完美搭配!! 时间:7月15号 周五 晚上10点入场 地点:Pan!c Room 衡山10号, 地下一楼, 近乌鲁木齐路 入场费:20 rmb
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