For all of you who’ve felt blue ever since you missed The Ice Cream Truck’s wicked pool party last year, here’s a chance to turn things around: Come celebrate the end of shitty weather with another banging TICT Pool Party on July 16th. The party will take over a 180-square meter pool surrounded by modern art sculptures and grass areas – plus a kiddie pool, BBQ and great drinks. It wouldn’t be a TICT party without bumpin’ beats from the TICT DJs (Mau Mau, Trix and The Uhhh) and our special guest Jon, Shanghai’s Mr. Miyagi of French electro. Come bust out fancy footwork in your swimsuits and have some fun in the sun! Date: July 16th, 11:30am- 9pm Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel near Century Park 1199 Yingchun Lu near Fangdian Lu 浦东迎春路1199号近芳甸路 地铁2号线上海科技馆站 Close to Shanghai Science and technology museum metro station. (line2) Cover: 100rmb – 1 drink included FREEEEE before 1pm with RSVP to : Please include full name and the mobile number. 1 guest per email address. RSVP will closes at 5pm Friday, July 15th In case of rain, this event will be postponed to July 17th   泳池派对 因为错过去年的泳池派对而闷闷不乐的朋友们,别伤心了,现在冰激凌卡车为你提供一个完美的补救方案: 7月16日是我们第二个盛大的泳池派对, TICT将会和你一起庆祝这一恶心天气的终结! 派对会在一个拥有180平方米的游泳池的场地举行,泳池周围不仅有摩登雕塑和草坪,还有一个儿童泳池。当然还奉上无限量的烧烤和爽口的饮料。 若没有冰激凌卡车当家DJs(Mau Mau ,Trix,The Uhhh)那强烈动感音乐节拍的引领的派对,就不是TICT派对。我们还邀请了特别嘉宾Jon–上海法式电音之王共同参演。别再犹豫了,快穿着你们性感的泳装,随着动感的音乐在明媚的阳光下绽放出你们独一无二的梦幻的步法吧! 时间:7月16日,上午11:30到晚上9点 地点:Radisson Blu Hotel近世纪公园 浦东迎春路1199号近芳甸路 靠近地铁2号线上海科技馆站 如果你是TICT的RSVP,下午1点前免费入场发送你的全名和电话话号码到 每一个邮件只包含一个人,RSVP服务在7月15号星期五17:00后结束。 入场费:100元含一杯饮料 如果当天下雨,派对将推迟到17号 具体信息请访问我们的网站:
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