Girlfriends can be a real pleasure. They can tell you when it’s time to go home, thus saving you from looking like the creepy guy in the bar at last call. They can give you an excuse to watch “chick flicks” you’d otherwise watch alone in shame. They can  hold you when you man-sob after watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. And if you’re lucky, they’ll turn you onto some decent music you might otherwise miss. Recently mine got me into Little Dragon. Little Dragon is a Swedish band comprised of four high school friends from Gothenburg. Their music is a crisp combination of synth pop, electronic  beats, and catchy pop hooks reminiscent of Neneh Cherry or early Bjork. Singer Yukimi Nagano’s sensual and and sometimes cheeky vocals melt into the music, creating a somewhat hypnotic effect – one of the most unique voices I’ve heard in a while.   The last year has seen them going from an underground band to playing out on arena stages around the world as support for Gorillaz and even a recent performance on David Letterman. They were also booked to play at the Blossom festival in Nanjing but were unable to play due to lack of performing visa. I found out a week later they had done a small show at a local dive bar for a lucky crowd ( I wasn’t one of the lucky ones).   LIttle Dragon’ third album, Ritual Union, will be released next month. But for now, here’s one of my favorite tracks of theirs, Blinking Pigs. It’s off their second album, Machine Dreams. Blinking Pigs by Little Dragon
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