In this city that never sleeps, where random encounters, short flings and long-lasting relationships all occur, we ALL have felt the need one time or another for some sexy accessories, toys or outfits. But, where to go and on which products can you rely on in Shanghai? Everything seems to be made of poor-quality plastic, metal or fabric.

After more than 3 years of sexy shopping in Shanghai, I got to know some of the best deals in town and I want to share them with you.

  • KAI XUAN MEN DASHA – 凯旋门大厦保健品市场

    (428 Tianmu Zhong Lu, near Xizang Lu – 天目中路428号,近乌镇路)

    Imagine a typical Chinese fake market and substitute the Polo T-shirts and the Gucci bags for an infinite selection of vibrators, fake penises/vaginas, sex drugs, ‘leather’ handcuffs and collars, lubes, condoms, the list goes on.

    You’ve really got to comb through all four floors because the majority of the products are medium-to-low quality, but you should still be able to find those special Japanese- or German-imported products that will make this trip to Suzhou Creek worth the effort.


    (160 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Nanchang Lu – 襄阳南路160号, 近南昌路) 11 am to 11 pm

    <(1686 West Beijing Road, near Jiaozhou Road - 北京西路1686号,靠近胶州路) 10 am to 10 pm

    With its second shop recently opened near Jing’an temple, Amy’s Bedroom carries a delicious collection of high-quality imported products including vibrators and other toys, outfits and accessories of the most famous brands. You can definitely build your own naughty closet by shopping here and be sure that the sweet laowai shop assistants will be more than happy to give you suggestions.

  • LELO

    (Office: Build 6, Lane 275 Anfu Lu near Wukang Lu – 安福路275号,近武康路)


    You will definitely be able to find LELO’s futuristic items at the above listed shops, but for a complete overview of these stunning and incredibly-designed products, you’d better check out their website. Other than the ‘standard’ pleasure objects for femme & homme, you will be able to purchase items from their new Insignia waterproof collection, the accessories section (oil massage candles, anyone???!!), and the new line of silk lingerie. With just a few clicks, your own, personal, silk French maid costume (complete with a silky white apron) will be on its way to your mailbox.

Now that you have access to these Disneylands for adults, it is time to go to class; Naughtiness 101:

STEP 1- Evaluate your naughtiness

STEP 2- Be confident – a big part of your game is rooted in your self-esteem

STEP 3 – Be sensual and provocative – use your best weapons and techniques. An example? Lower your voice, he/she will naturally move closer to talk to you.

STEP 4 – Communicate what you like – nothing is more exciting

STEP 5 – Read, read, read and READ – get informed and be CREATIVE

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