STEP 1 – WHAT IS IT? Sequential photography is the art of showing a moving object on a single image. In order to create this image, you should photograph a moving object at multiple frames per second, and then you should use Photoshop (or similar software) to piece the image back together as a single image. It is particularly indicated with some sports as BMX, snowboarding, mountain biking, motocross and, in this case, skateboarding.   STEP 2 – WHAT DO YOU NEED? STEP 3 – SHOOT! Place your camera on a tripod or on a stable base and shoot the complete action using the burst mode of your camera. For best results, take the pictures during daylight to allow the camera to shoot quickly. Make sure you record several complete actions.   STEP 4 – HIT PHOTOSHOP! A. Open the first photo of the series in Photoshop: this will be the base of the sequential photos B. Open the second photo of the series:

Select all (Select>All or Command-A)

Copy that selection (Edit>Copy or Command-C)

Paste that selection on top of the first photo (Edit>Paste or Command-V)

C. Add a Reveal All Layer Mask to the top of the first photo (Layer>Add Layer Mask>Reveal All) D. Select a large-sized paintbrush (Brush Tool) with opacity set to 100% E. With the Layer Mask selected simply paint with the color black the areas where the subject, in this case – a skateboarder, is located on the previous photo. This way the subject shows through the mask – remember to paint over the shadows as well! F. Open the third, forth, fifth…. photos of the series and repeat from step B G. Make photo adjustments STEP 5 – BE CREATIVE! As mentioned, sequential photography can be applied to several different sports and situations. Check out some examples herehere and here. So, dust off your camera, grab some friends and create you own sequential photographs.
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