Disco is a dirty word to TICT.  As in, we like to get dirty to disco.  That’s why we’re teaming up with Fake Music Media to present the “new genius of Italian Dance music,” Rodion, at LOgO on August 4th.   He makes freaked out Italo Disco/House/Synthpop that’s way ahead of its time.  Somewhere between the shiny depths of Lindström and the synthesizer funk of Breakbot, mixed with the dramatic melodies of Italian horror movies.  He releases crazy records on Munich’s Gomma label, gets support from the big disco guns at DFA, and is coming to groove your face off at little LOgO.   Support from Metro Tokyo, Mau Mau and The Uhhh. RODION ON SOUNDCLOUD http://soundcloud.com/rodion_gomma More Info: http://www.fakemusicmedia.com The Ice Cream Truck x Fake Music Media present RODION Thursday, August 4th 30rmb 10pm ‘til dawn LOgO 107 Sinan Lu near Taikang Lu 思南路107号, 近泰康路 正因TICT无比热爱在Disco内挥汗如雨的时刻。所以我们毫无疑问的要和Fake Music Media合作—全程呈现目前“意大利新一代的Dance天才”Rodion的表演。在8月4号的LOGO,他将会用他奇特又擅长的Italo Disco/House/ Synthpop震慑所有到场的观众们。他对Lindström透彻的了解和对Breakbot合成器纯熟的运用,再混合类似意大利恐怖电影中戏剧性的旋律后,创造出让人出乎意料的音响效果。他在慕尼黑Gomma唱片公司旗下制作的专辑不仅创造了惊人的销售记录,还得到以Disco著名的DFA厂牌的大力支持,他即将在 LOGO用他疯狂的音乐使你完完全全的失去理智。当然我们还少不了Metro Tokyo,和TICT的当家DJ:Mau Mau,The Uhhh的支持。 点击收听Rodion在soundcloud的音乐: http://soundcloud.com/rodion_gomma 更多详情请查看: http://www.fakemusicmedia.com The Ice Cream Truck x Fake Music Media 全程呈现 RODION 入场费:30rmb 时间:8月4号,星期四 10点至凌晨 地点:LOgO 思南路107号, 近泰康路
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