Hey kids. Long time no see. I just got back from my homeland, Canada, a place so fresh and clean that the 5 second rule just doesn’t apply. Dropped your ice cream on the street? No problem. Pick it up and lick it up. So now I’m back in Shanghai and I really wanna say I missed it. I wanna say how I missed peeling my sack from my calf. I really wanna say I missed the summer heat and humidity combo that has left my empty apartment smelling like old people. And I really really really wanna say how I missed those bags, so full of douche, that if they ever popped, Shanghai would have a vajayjay so clean even The Uhhh would be lickin off it. But frankly I can’t. I miss the freshness. So here’s a fresh jam that made me wiggle while I walked the streets of Vancouver. It’s a moombahsoul edit from Belgrade’s Neki Stranac, who has been hittin the Moombah hard lately, with a new track out every week. Here he gives a little treatment to Azari & III’s brooding minimal-esque pop jam “Manic”. Personally, I dig this slowed down Moombah version a bit better for a little street grinding. You can be sure I’ll be dropping this on dance floors and pool parties in the upcoming weeks. Azari & III – Manic (Neki Stranac Moombahsoul Edit) by NEKI STRANAC
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