Before you all head off into another one ‘of those friday nights’, where you wake up sunday late afternoon and ask yourself ‘what the fuck did we do yesterday ?’ let me give you some pounding-bass-advice for your speakers: Atlanta-based, hardstep / drum ‘n’ bass producers & power troupe Evol Intent!! Knick, Gigantor and The Enemy produced some of the most ephemeral and progressive modern jungle shit out there. Hard hitting drum patterns, razor sharp edits, sawtooth bass till your neighbour is calling the police, plus a hint of youth-punk-discord: put it in a blender and you have Evol Intent’s aggresive sound. Since their formation in 2000, Evol Intent’s tracks have been released on Dieselboy‘s compilation ‘The Human Resource,’ in video games like EA Sports ‘Need for Speed‘, and appeared in Adult Swim ads.   Their new EP titled ‘Cruise Control’ will be dropping this July. Here is a promo teaser below: CRUISE CONTROL EP TEASER by Evol Intent   And for good measures, have a listen to their ‘To Protect And Swerve’ mixtape from April 2011: TO PROTECT AND SWERVE – FREE MIX DOWNLOAD by Evol Intent Remaining underground while blowing up, Evol Intent is definitely one to watch! In this spirit crank up the volume until your speakers bleed.
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