Frau Ana is a Shanghai-based fashion designer from Germany. The Ice Cream Truck recently teamed up with her to create these fun unisex tank tops and bags just in time to rock at your favorite parties this summer.   For those who don’t know Frau Ana, how did you get into the fashion industry? By being born I guess ;)  That sounds like a stupid cliché, but I was always into styling myself up. A friend of mine in primary school complained about how I was obsessed with always having matching accessories for my outfits. I’ve always felt that accessories just make the outfit perfect – it’s natural for me.  The only time I didn’t want to become a designer was when I was 8. I wanted to become a lawyer, but that didn’t last very long.   What inspires your fashions? What other labels are you into? The most obvious inspiration is colors. I love them; they give me my energy to survive. Every collection gets a new inspiration.  It could be a short story written by a close friend, or a person, such as Grace Jones, a song, or comics and superheroes. Mostly it’s things from the 80’s and 90’s. I am not so much into one label in particular. I do like Desigual quiet a lot. I like how they mix different patterns.   Your take on colors seem closer to Japanese and Korean than German style – have you been influenced by neon life in Asia? Well, yeah sure. But the love for colors is a genetic thing I got from my mom. She is actually more colorful than me. So I was like this before I came here and then got influenced by Asia. But I was always amazed by the Japanese street fashion. Its amazing how creatively they design their costumes.   How do you see Shanghai fashion trends? Do they seem related to trends elsewhere? What do you like, what don’t you like? Shanghai has his own style, I mean I don’t have to tell you about the pajama trend. But what I recognized when I arrived here was that women dress way more feminine than in Europe. They wear sparkling party dresses to go grocery shopping. They just dress according to their mood and don’t give a shit what others think about it. I like that, and I think people in Europe should learn from it.  But they should stop wearing skin colored nylon socks in high heels…   Tell us something about your mom.  I hear she used to be a nudist? Hahaha. Why did I know you would ask me that.  That is a freaking rumor, same as the one that I am obsessed with David Hasselhoff, only that one is kind of true ;) My mom does wear clothes: all the time, she loves them. She is the one that gave me my love for colors, and how to actually make clothes. She is my biggest fashion hero. She still does most of her clothes by herself. She is an awesome person. She also taught me how to party.  She will come in autumn, and for sure I will take her out and show her the Shanghai nightlife.   What do dance parties have to do with fashion? Haha, they are both so much fun! Especially if they pair up like TICT and Frau Ana and get great results like these tank tops and bags.   Who looks really, really ridiculously good looking in Frau Ana clothes? Who doesn’t???   Will you ever stop playing with dolls? Why should I? I just went to a huge toy store near Yu Garden the other day and it felt like heaven. Did you ever watch Pippi Longstocking? She had Krummulus pills that keep her from never growing up. I was always so jealous about that. If you grow up, you lose a lot of your childish innocence. Why would I want that?   Top played songs in your iTunes? Wrong question! My computer happened to die recently and I lost all my music. Some I have still on my phone, but most of it is gone. I hope you feel sorry for me and send me some of your favorite songs. In general, you can say I am addicted to electronic music and techno.  But I listen to different music, depending on my mood. The morning singer this week was Skin; fucking sexy voice! Last week it was Robyn singing to me while I was taking a shower. The last few days I was listening a lot to a German band called Gladbeck City Bombing, as their song ‘New Silence’ will be the music for my new Frau Ana video. It’s a fun song!   If you could have one superpower, what would it be? No hangovers after drinking!!!   Don’t miss Neon Kids with Frau Ana and TICT this Friday at Pan!c Room for good tunes, sweet giveaways, neon photobooth + more! Check out more from the Frau here. Frau Ana x TICT unisex tank tops (pictured) and bags available at all TICT events and soon on, Frau Ana’s online store, and at: be.u plaza 353 4/F, 353 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai   Special thanks to: Frau Ana Photographer: Tobias Kegler Model: Edna Alfredo Make-up: Colin Ren
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