Meet 41-year-old, Chongqing-bred, Huang Guofu, a man who lost both his arms in an accident when he was about 4 years old.  At the age of 12, he began painting with his feet. Huang quit his studies when he was 18 and started to travel to other Chinese cities to sell his paintings to help pay for his father’s medical treatments. In Sichuan Province in 1999, he met his future wife.  She became his assistant, carrying his canvas and tools whenever he needed to paint a scene on location. Huang Guofu has been named vice-curator of the newly established Chongqing Talents Museum for his artistic achievements and powerful spirit.
“When life closes one door to you, it must have opened another at the same time,” says Huang, who declares he is happy and content with what God has given him.
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