Manga is the Japanese word for “comics” and consists of comics and print cartoons. In the West, the term “Manga” has been appropriated to refer specifically to comics created in Japanese style in the late 19th century. Japanese Manga is to be read from the right side to the left, opposite of traditional western books. Not only do you read the pages from right to left, but you also read the panels and text from right to left. Manga characters almost always have large eyes and small mouths. They often have unusual hair color and show exaggerated facial expressions. When a character cries, the tears pour out in buckets. When they laugh, their face seems engulfed by the size of their mouths and their eyes become tiny slits. An angry character will have rosy cheeks and steam emanating from his or her body.
Manga can be divided into the following categories: Shonen = Anime or manga for boys Shonenai = Boy/boy love stories, often non-sexual Shoujo = Anime or manga for girls Shoujoai = Girl/girl love stories, often non-sexual Yaoi = Boy/boy sex stories Yuri = Girl/girl sex stories Hentai = Japanese for pervert  – Stories that feature graphic sex, rape, bondage, tentacles, animals and anything except love  (time saver tip: you won’t find a thing with Google search) Yuri Manga is definitely one of the most popular manga amongst the male crowd, and definitely one of the most popular sexual fantasies, period. So, if you feel like being CREATIVE and would like to try to draw your own manga girl, follow this tutorial. Alternatively, if you are more of a realist type, you can always ask your girl to create and rock a cosplay outfit following these steps:
  •   1. Pick the character you want to cosplay The more obscure the anime, the more ‘wows’ you will get. Most importantly, choose a character that speaks to you.
  •   2. Draw a detailed illustration of the outfit What is the character’s best outfit? How does she wear her hair? What accessories does she wear? Make a list of things you can buy ready-made at the store, things you would have to custom-order, and things you can make yourself. Most likely, the entire outfit will be a combination of all three.
  •   3. Buy the parts you need Wigs, ribbons, etc. And don’t forget the makeup and color contacts.
  •   4. Make the rest Find a fabric and accessories store near you. If you don’t know how to sew, now’s the time to learn.
  •   5. Try it on Make sure everything fits perfectly, and check back with the original animated drawings to double check that you look like a replica of the character. It’s okay to add your own unique touches, but the idea is to step out of your own skin and enter the 2D world — so keep that in mind.
  •   6. Practice posing Perfect at least half a dozen solid in-character poses. You should probably take photos of yourself. It would be a terrible shame and waste of all the hard work in steps 1-5 if you didn’t finish this thing off with some kick-ass photos.
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