• Step 1: PlanningWhen’s the party?  How many friends will come?  How messy do you want it to be?  Why is it going to be fun?  Our best parties have been on weekend nights with silly themes involving costumes: pimp&wh*ores, stars, hippies, or the classic toga party.
  • Step 2: InvitationsPeople have to know about it.  With a Facebook event you can  add more details, pictures and a map – useful if you’re expecting your friends to find you in Gubei or Pudong –  or if you feel up to it, create a flyer to give around. In this last case, expect random people ringing at your door!
  • Step 3: ShoppingIf you are planning a night party, simple snacks are more than enough, though space brownies never hurt anyone.  For drinks, unless you’re a pro bartender keep it simple: you can pull a good variety of drinks with just a few types of booze.  Here’s a quick guideline: Vodka mixes with orange, tomato, and almost any other kind of juice, red bull, green tea and Kahlua Whiskey mixes with cola, sprite, green tea and Baileys Gin mixes with tonic water, lemon soda, apple juice, and vermouth (martinis) Also, don’t forget to buy lots of beers, some wine, tons of ice and disposable cups if you are a lazy cleaner!
  • Step 4: Set upIf you are in Shanghai, your most responsible guests will be 30 minutes late.  Don’t stress it.  Expect a ‘toilet party’ at one point in the night, so make sure to create a nice space to hang out, have a table for drinks and more toilet paper than you use in a month.
  • Step 5: MusicMusic can be background ambience, an invitation to dance, or something in between.  Your sound system will make a difference – borrow speakers if you’re thinking about just using your laptop.  Make a playlist of your favorite jams, ask a friend with cool taste man the Itunes or hire a DJ. Clear out the room in front of the speakers as much as possible to create a dance area.
  • Step 6: DRINKING GAMES!If you are keen to have your house really messed up and your friends really drunk, then you can consider some drinking games: opt for simple choices like beerpong, power hour and queens; or try out some other classics.
  • Step 7:Recover from your hangover and look for an Ayi
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