One of my favorite artists over the last few years, Pictureplane aka Travis Egedy, dropped his new album, Thee Physical recently. According to his bio, ‘Pictureplane is a performance attempt through music and sound based mediums to elevate thee human mind into various states of accelerated awareness and interconnected psychic relationships, bringing humanity a better understanding of itself in order to push our minds, bodies, and spirits towards a new higher vibrational consciousness.’ That’s a pretty fancy description for ‘good music to listen to while on drugs.’ Even without such aid, Pictureplane’s unique mix of dancey synth sounds, banging drum loops, and his eery falsetto is a magical experience. As dark as it sounds at times, his high-energy live act really gets the party going – I had the pleasure of seeing him perform with Teengirl Fantasy last year at Elbo Room in SF (he killed the dancefloor). Thee Physical is a more grown-up, well-produced (with help from HEALTH’s Jupiter Keyes) version of his highly acclaimed first full-length album, Dark Rift. Pictureplane’s first album featured the hit ‘Goth Star,’ which was remixed by house superstar Brenmar.
Mr. Egedy’s also had his go at a number of remixes, putting his signature touch on the likes of Crystal Castles, HEALTH, Thieves Like Us, and Marina and the Diamonds.         Check out the full Pictureplane experience on his blog (VPN only if you’re in China, sorry). Be sure to listen to ‘Beyond Fantasy,’ my personal fav. Latest tracks by PICTUREPLANE
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