We caught up (via email) with freaky Italo mastermind Rodion before his Shanghai debut at the new LOgO on Thursday. You’re named after a character from Dostoyevski.  Are you a big reader? It much depends on the periods of my life. sometimes I spend whole days reading, sometimes I don’t read for a long time.but there’s quite nothing like reading a nice book. you know, much better than spending your whole day on facebook :) then I’ve always had quite a crush for russian culture: music, literature, visual arts, food, vodka…I think I read nearly everything written by dostoevsky and his rodion character from crime and punishment really signed my 20ies. I read that you used to play classical piano.  Disco seems pretty different  – what do you dig about electronic music? I’m basically a classical trained piano player, so I’m more oriented towards maximal music than minimal. what I really dig about electronic music is the ability it gives to you to synthesize and create your very own and previously unheard colours in music. just like if you are a painter and you can paint with colours that no one has ever seen before. that’s quite amazing I think! What’s with the fish, and the renaissance garb? the fish is a seabass I think, it was a fresh and dripping one :) the renaissance (dutch renaissance) thing is the new visual concept for rodion releases with gomma: I really love it, I think it somehow really fits my style in music, which I always like to be funny, moustached and pretty unexpected. How did you get involved with Gomma?  What are the parties like? I got in touch with the german gomma gringos during the 2005 edition of sonar festival in barcelona. they amazingly showcased their music and I suddenly felt in love with them and their freaky n funny attitude. then I sent them a demo and they welcomed me on board of their bratwurst spaceship. Germany + Italo disco = ? that’s quite a weird but effective combo: germany throws the precision and the severe form of sythesis in, italy adds the melody and the needed freakyness. I’ve always been super fascinated by giorgio moroder and his works with donna summer and harold faltermeyer in munich. You also play live sets – which came first?  What can people expect from a Rodion dj set? I started playing piano on stage since when I was 6, so live definitely came first. but I am also very interested in the art of djing and in the way of combining existing musical elements to give shape to new music. I’d say the two things (live and dj) are quite complimentary and they support each other nicely. some things I learnt through my live playing experience have been very useful to me when djing and some dj tricks are really useful when playing live. so at my sets I’d like people to expect to disorderly dance at funny and chubby discoid stuff, full of melodies with the right cheeseyness dose :) Best (or worst) memories from shows? I could tell you about my recent hardcore vodka experiences in kiev, but they were so hardcore that I barely remember what happened during the night :) also playing on a rooftoop terrace among beijing futuristic buildings really made me feel ready to lift off for cosmic heights. or maybe it was the vodka again :) Have you been in china before?  What are you looking forward to? this is actually my first chinese touring experience. I have been in HK a couple of times but it was quite a long time ago and I wasn’t there for playing. I’m very interested in china and its people: in italy we generally have a very limited viewpoint on china, so I’m very happy to come and try to expand my cultural horizons about china. ok, to tell you the truth I’m honestly expecting to find the very best food and ladies on earth here :) Favorite ice cream flavor? I’m a passionate pistacchio lover, but it has to be the real one. mum comes from sicily, land of exquisite ice creams and pistacchios, so don’t try to mess with me about pistacchio!   Don’t miss TICT x Fake Love Music pres. RODION this Thursday at LOgO- and in the meantime check out more hot Rodion links: Soundcloud, Myspace, his Gomma Records page, and Facebook.
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