Listen up! Feel like a weekend getaway from the Hai, or just down to party? How about raging with 60,000 people… on the beach!? The musical festival machine that is Midi, is at it again. This time they’re putting on a 4 day fest in the city of Ri Zhao (Shandong province) called ‘Ocean Midi’. Its going to be one of the biggest parties China has ever seen. For a country with a 4 thousand year history, that’s pretty rad. Earlier this year, Shanghai Midi Festival in Century Park felt massive with two stages – Ocean Midi has four.  Two rock stages – the Tang Stage and the Song Stage, one main Electro Stage, and another mobile Electro Stage on a truck! Tang Stage has confirmed legendary rock stars like Zui Jian, He Yong, Tang Dynasty, and British Sea Power from London. The Song Stage lineup is also packed with big artists, and Ocean Midi will also showcase up and coming Chinese bands with loads of talent. The Electro Stage will be presenting DJs from: DO Hits, Acupuncture, The Ice Cream Truck, and Void – 33 DJ’s from all over China will combine to create a 4 day non-stop party. The Electro Stage on the TRUCK will be bumping on the beach from 1pm to Sunset. Then it will join the other stages, and the party won’t stop till late into the morning. Sounds pretty decent right? But how to get there? Check out to book everything. It’s the easiest and cheapest travel website. You’ve got two options: Option Número Uno – Bus It from Shanghai to RiZhao directly.  The trip is about 6 hours which isn’t too bad.  Take a power nap, trust me you’ll need it. Option Number Two – Fly or Train into Qing Dao which is about 440 RMB (Return!), then bus it an hour to Ri Zhao. Where to crash? You can bring your own tent and chill on the beach or the camping ground. Or if you’re a little more high maintenance then book a motel/hotel with – its dirt cheap. Festival Tickets? 60 RMB each day or 200 RMB for the 4 day package. Door tickets are the same price. Click here to buy your ticket online xian zai! Ocean Midi 2011 is going to go off… so get off your ass and come party with us. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.  
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