Amazing, the body control some people have.  This cinematic reel shows you two dancers (Bones & Rated-R) from the biggest elite underground dance league called Battlefest (check 2nd video for promo trailer) on a rooftop somewhere in the US of A doing their thing. The music of choice is dubstep, with its sparse rhythm and an almost omnipresent sub-bass, it’s the perfect background to pull some crazy moves to the diversity of breaks & drops.
Battlefest is structured in a format such as the NBA or NFL but for dancers, creating a regular 1 on 1 Battle season, in which competitions are held bi-monthly. The top dancers later advance through to the playoffs, which is called the ‘King of the Streetz’ Tournament, battling until one winner is declared. It is then followed by “Battlefest Awards Show”, which awards the talent and hard work that each dancer displayed during each competition.

Enjoy, practice your moves and check out the next events here!
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