Some of the best stickers are used to raise awareness of issues like global warming and dolphin rape

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you probably know that the street art scene has exploded into the mainstream, and previously underground art forms like graffiti are rapidly gaining popular recognition. While the debate rages over important issues such as whether Banksy killed Robbo, and whether JonOne really is as much of a twat as people say, other artists are getting on with business as usual. Sticker bombing is an urban art form that began to gain momentum due to its convenience and speed, helping to prevent our favourite guerrilla artists spending so much time behind bars. Combining graffiti’s love of font and design with street art’s wit and sociopolitical messages, stickers are popping up in cities all over the world, so keep your eyes open!

Polite stickerbombers in London

I was introduced to stickers through an artist known as Curly. I stumbled across his adhesive artworks fairly recently in Hyperallergic, and have since been following his work and his tweets. Clever, funny and on point, his slogans always brighten my day.

A selection of Curly's pieces

If you like Curly’s stuff, check out this great interview and some more pics here and here. You can also follow him on twitter @staycurly.
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