Due to the October Chinese holidays and governmental restrictions we have been forced to postpone the rooftop party to Saturday, October 15th. Sorry for any inconvenience. Keep your pants on, and we’ll see you all then!


For your last chance to rock the rooftop in 2011, we drag two of Shanghai’s biggest names in bass music out of their dance caves and into the sunshine. Siesta, still Asia’s DnB queen, has been pushing her style in new directions lately, blowing up Shanghai’s first nights for Bassline and now UK Funky.  Her sets blend fresh tunes from the London underground with the funkiest classic material, never dropping the groove. Heatwolves! is versatile si le.  You might recognize this blogger turned party-rocking DJ turned producer/remixer who from his Love Bang parties at Dada, Sub Culture nights at shelter, or Otakrew’s shows all over town – most recently at Black Rabbit.  His sets weave from house to dubstep, disco to hip hop, funk to future bass.  Don’t miss his return to the roof. Supporting will be The Ice Cream Truck residents Trix, Mau Mau and The Uhhh The Rooftop Series have been the raddest days – and nights – and early mornings we’ve had in Shanghai this year.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and having fun.  Now get your dance face on surrounded by skyline and festival beats one more time. Saturday, October 1st 2pm-2am FREEEEE before 5pm IF you RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com 60rmb w/one drink after RSVP list closes at 5pm Friday, September 30th Only one RSVP per email address It goes down at Atanu, the historic Bund signal tower/lighthouse @ no.1 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu near Yan’an Dong Lu *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY, October 2nd 为了让你们感受TICT2011年最后一次可以让你疯狂到底的屋顶派对,我们这次邀请了上海重量级的两位地下bass之王再一次轰炸你的视听神经。 Siesta,亚洲DnB皇后,她的个人风格正掀起一股无可抵挡的潮流,从上海Bassline的第一夜开始到现在的UK Funky,她的mix混合了伦敦最热门的地下音乐和最新鲜的音乐素材,从来就没有让你的耳朵失望过。 Heatwolves!上海最多才多艺的年轻人。你也许会注意到这个从博主到派对DJ再到音乐制作人/混音师的男生出现各种各样的场所。他的身影在DADA的Love Bang派对,到Shelter的Sub Culture nights再到Otakrew的演出—甚至在最近的黑兔音乐节上就从来没有消失过。他的sets把不同种类的house , dubstep, disco 和 hip hop, funk 到 future bass巧妙的结合在一起。 不要错过他在屋顶派对上独一无二的演出! The Ice Cream Truck当家DJs Trix, Mau Mau 和 The Uhhh的全程出演当然是必不可少的节目。 我们举办的夏日屋顶派对系列无疑是今年上海最具个人风格的活动—无论是白天或是夜晚.感谢每一位参与到其中并于我们尽情狂欢的朋友!!从现在开始,穿上你特别的舞鞋在最美妙的视野下与我们再一次度过夏天最后一次的盛会吧!! 时间:10月1号,星期六 下午2点到晚上2点 门票:60块入场券,附送一杯饮料. 如果你是RSVP,当天下午5点前免费入场。发送邮件至rsvp@tictcreative.com 每人对应一封电子邮件,RSVP服务在9月30号,星期六下午5点后关闭。   地点:中山东二路1号甲,靠近延安东路,ATANU(外滩古老的标志性灯塔) *如果当天天气不测,活动延至第二天的10月2号。  
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