Fu-Schnickens was made up of Chip Fu, Moc Fu and Poc Fu, a short-lived but significant hip hop group from the early 90s that released 3 albums: F.U. Don’t Take It Personal, Nervous Breakdown and Greatest Hits. Best known for “What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock),” which featured Shaq, they were the first hip hop artists to rap backwards, and they incorporated kung-fu stylings before the Wu-Tang Clan, Guru & A Tribe Called Quest. Sadly, the band ceased to exist in 1995 due to dramatic changes in the landscape of rap. California saw the rise of G-Funk, led by Snoop and company. At the same time, the East Coast exploded with hardcore rap like the Wu-Tang Clan, Onyx, Mobb Deep, Nas and Notorious B.I.G. More and more, gangster-style toughness became the key to hip hop credibility, and Fu-Schnickens, with their fun, cartoonish lyrics were left behind. La Schmoove, featuring Phife Dawg of ATCQ, is one of my all time favorite hip hop tracks. It’s fast, fun, catchy and communicates a schmoove 90s summer vibe.
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