The Anxi Clothing Market sits quiet and unnoticed on Anshun Lu and Kaixuan Lu. One of Shanghai fashion’s best kept secrets, the Anxi Clothing Market is home to an array of little stalls selling second-hand pieces of clothing, shoes, hats, bags, watches, you name it – they sell it. For those prudes who refuse to wear second-hand clothes, don’t like finding a bargain or killer vintage pieces, then stop reading. Good-bye, see ya later.   For those of you who do, you need to get yourself down to this market. I’m not going to lie, it’s full of piles and piles of shit. If you take your time and look though these mystical piles of shit though, you can find some awesome threads.   There are two huge buildings filled with different little stores, but take my advice and find the long, narrow alleyway underneath the subway line – this is the prime strip where you can wind your way though chain-smoking, card-gambling laobans and eventually find some sweet 50’s leather and denim jackets, crazy sweaters and cardigans, vintage college football jackets, leather brogues and much, much more. Trust me… be patient, rummage, and you will succeed.   If you are strapped for cash, you can get some dope vintage pieces from 5-10 kuai for hats and tee’s, to 80 rmb for a leather jacket. Don’t forget to bargain, but these items are already cheap as chips.   Address :  Anshun Lu, Kaixuan Lu Subway: Hongqiao Lu Station (Lines 10, 3, 4) It’s a 5 minute walk up from Kaixuan Lu, til you hit Anshun Lu. Closes at 4pm  
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