You may ask yourself from time to time: What are the bros of the world up to? They’ve obviously been keeping busy hazing new fraternity pledges, poppin’ them collars, and engaging themselves in other normal, douchey bro activity, but for the most part, they’ve been absent from the spotlight since Bros Icing Bros disappeared from cyberspace. 
Just what are these bros up to?
Ladies and non-bros, I give you a new meme for bros everywhere to champion: Epic Meal Time.
Epic Meal Time is an online cooking show run by several Canadian bros, lead bro being Harley Morenstein of Montreal. As of today, the group’s youtube channel has 56 cooking shows, all of them with over 2 million views. A new show comes out every Tuesday. The basis of the show is to create high-caloric, enormous and creative concoctions of food. Every meal is at least 10,000 calories. A person’s daily normal intake of calories is 2,000. Bacon is incorporated into almost every dish, whether it be a bacon-latticed plate or bacon-wrapped sushi. And, these bros are not your Average Joes. They’ve hit it big. It’s rumored that Epic Meal Time will soon have a show on Spike TV, America’s chief bro network.
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