Just stumbled upon this wicked social art festival called WASH, (Water Sanitation Hygiene) which will take place in Hamburg, Germany, and runs from November 10 – 22 as part of the Viva con Agua Wassertage 2011. Eleven artists from around the globe will be invited to an art camp in the creative cultural area of Hamburg, called Schanzenviertel, to work on the topic, WASH. At the end of the week, the art pieces will be presented in an exhibition and auctioned afterwards. Besides the camp, several public events and workshops will take place to gain public attention for WASH. So what is the point of WASH? To raise awereness about the water and hygiene situation in 3rd world countries and to use the money raised by the auction and donations to build wells, water reservoirs, and water filtering stations in order to improve the quality of life. Go check it out!        
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