WLT this week brings a tribute to Long Beach California’s finest ska punk band of all time: Sublime. The band was formed in the mid ’80s by Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh with Brad’s dalmatian Lou Dog for a mascot. Their unique mix of ska punk with reggae & dub elements combined with a trashy punk rock attitude gained lots of attention in California, spreading nation wide after their song ‘Date Rape’ aired on KROQ in the early ’90s. ‘What I Got’ was the first single of their self titled major label debut album ‘Sublime’ (may ’96), which marked a commercial breakthrough for the band, hitting no.1 on the Modern Rock chart. The album earned the band worldwide fame, and has since gone five-times platinum.’What I Got’ comes very chilled and transfers the long beach vibe right into your ear canal. Sadly, Brad overdosed on heroin and was found dead on may 25th 1996, shortly after marrying his long term girl friend Troy Dendekker. Take 5mins to sit back and relax, close your eyes, turn up your speakers and listen.
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