We caught up with ZDS’ Nat Self ahead of his Friday performance at Boom for what promises to be an enormous dance party.  Check it out here: TICT page + Facebook.  Nat is the ‘last Zombie standing’ as Lucas Hunter has recently departed the group – but despite this, 2012 looks to be ZDS’ biggest year to date, with a debut artist album ‘Brains’ coming out on Made to Play in May.  Jessie Rose’s label only releases one album a year, so you can be sure ‘Brains’ will blow up huge – it follows in the heavy footsteps of previous breakout releases like Riva Starr’s ‘If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade’ and Round Table Knights ‘Say What?!’.  Be sure to check out the lead single, “Righteous Sound ft. Omar” on ZDS’ Soundcloud HERE. If you had to describe your music in six adjectives, what would they be? Boiling, bubbling, tender, amused, warm, pumping. What were your most memorable nights of the last year? So so so many! Too hard to name a few, I love playing so they all were great. What’s your favorite peak-time track right now?  Favorite for after-hours?  Favorite for making breakfast to? Eli Escobar – Work It has been heavenly on rotation. It’s the perfect song because you can play it in a deep set or a banging set. If it’s very late I often play Waterfall by Cajmere and Russoul. I like techno first thing in the morning  – I’ve been listening to the Robert Hood xl8r podcast a lot. What can we expect from ZDS in 2012? The debut ZDS album comes out in May on Made to Play with features from Omar and Dj funk.  The first single comes out on March 19th and then later in the year the album remixes will drop.  I’m thinking what I want to do musically next.  I’m thinking I’ll do an e.p. of four tracks, two harder and two deeper called ‘two sides of the same coin’… there are a load of people I wanna work with so I might do some collabs. I guess that will come at the end of the year. How did you get into house music? Been listening to it for a long time. My first exposure came as a child listening to pirate radio stations playing garage. Then was into drum and bass for a bit (and a load of other stuff ) and then got back into house when the boompty scene got big (Derrick Carter, music for freaks etc).  I was kinda late to start djing at 24 (ish) but since I tried it I have been hooked! Have you played in Asia before?  (If yes, impressions?  If no, expectations?) Big fan of Asia. Played in China a couple of times, Seoul, Jakata, Bali, Japan a load…. I feel like Asia is getting really exciting people getting into new stuff and making fresh stuff. What are your favorite places in the world to DJ? So so many but to mention a few – Berlin, Montreal, Tokyo – first time in Shanghai so I’m expecting to add that to the list. What, to you, are the ingredients for a great party? Good people, good sound system, good music, that’s all you need :) What do you sing in the shower? Prince – you don’t wanna hear it though. What’s always in your suitcase on tour? Earplugs, clean socks, voodoo doll. Favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies and cream!!        
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