MiC check is a new series where we check out what’s popping off in the middle kingdom, culturewise.  Dig these posts for original local music, art, fashion and more. From the Fools themselves: Original Fools is a cybernetic duo (code name ‘D&D’) hired by the intergalactic confederation to cause mayhem amongst Earthticans using an analog emulation of ‘The Rhythm’, which allows them to communicate with their space headquarters while tricking humans in thinking this is only music. It comprises Damscray, a proud descendant of Tatars occupying Orenburg, Russia, and Didjelirium, an adopted tahitian lost in Shanghai, China, and together they are fools. But original ones. Intergalactical-post-modern-space-beats-warfare, in short.  Sick & Tired is the second music video for the upcoming LP from Original Fools entitled”Ghosts, Robots and Other Delicacies,” animated and directed by Shanghai’s own Charlie Didjelirium (1/2 of Original Fools – 1/4 of Himself). It’s full of metaphors, a mirror on the burned-out-syndrome in modern society and its exhausting effect upon everyone and everything.  The video’s cynical rapping protagonist makes a hallucinatory journey into the depth of mankind 2.0, internet civilization, and the overwhelming meaninglessness of our daily life. Every tripped-out image is a calculated play off the lyrics, wound tightly to the low-slung rhythm of the track. Sick & Tired won’t be the last installment from Original Fools, plenty more madness to come. Go and observe them closely as they face new adventures and obstacles on their journey.
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