(Insert obligatory apology about “Yo girl, you dance?” several-month-long hiatus) It got a little hectic there. If you’ve been following this special thread and formerly could not dance, then as of now you have only been able to do The Jerk and The Dougie. Sorry to leave you hanging. Here is another, newer, dance from the west (read: best) coast: the Cat Daddy. It involves crossing your arms one at a time across your body then a wheelchair move. Super simple. Lean waaaay back or crouch a bit for some added flair. The music video takes place in Venice Beach, a must-see for every California tourist. I call it Berkeley of the South, and they go head-to-head for the number of homeless people, hippies, and head shops. *Please disregard the fact that Chris Brown is in the Rej3ctz music video. That chump is a woman-hater.
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