You’ve probably heard about her, or maybe even hit her up for some crazy cheap cheese, or olive oil, or whatever else foreigners pine for when gong bao ji ding and yu xiang rou si start getting stale… Avocado lady is one of Shanghai’s heroes, and the star of our ticket giveaway/treasure hunt for Zombie Disco Squad @ Boom tomorrow night. Looking for free tix?  Get your butt down to the Lady’s shop (on Wulumuqi lu just south of Wuyuan) after one PM today and peruse hard.  Two tickets are buried amongst the produce and muesli. The catch?  If you find a/both tickets, you have to buy at least one thing from the Lady, and e-mail us the # on the ticket to Happy hunting, and see you on the d-floor! (photos taken from Shanghai Expat, check out their great article about Avocado Lady)
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