TICT had the pleasure of picking mad genius Paul Devro‘s brain ahead of tonight’s Mad Decent Massive party at Mao Livehouse.  Here’s what he had to say: What is Mad Decent about, and what does being it’s Creative Director and A&R mean? Mad Decent is the best music label in the world, we have no boundaries and make our own rules, it’s also a way of life. In my job there is a little bit of everything, I find releases, work with the artists, do some art, throw some parties, run the subscription service and have a side label called the Jeffree’s. You’re known for breaking new genres of dance music – what are you into these days that we might not have heard of? (example tracks would be great) Hmmm, nowadays I find new kids on Soundcloud experimenting with weird sounds with a lot of influences from everywhere. As for genres i really see Tecno Brega, Hardstyle and Future Trap stuff getting more exposure in America soon. What’s your favorite peak-time track right now? Any song by Mark with a K Favorite for after-hours? Zebrakatz ft Njena Reddd Foxxx – Ima Read Favorite for making breakfast to? Miguel – Adorn What can we expect from Paul Devro and Mad Decent in 2012? Too much to mention, a tons of music from Mad Decent, Jeffrees and and bunch of parties, and we’re putting together a new radio show “Diplo & Friends” on BBC Radio1.  Have you played in Asia before? (If yes, impressions? If no, expectations?) When I was just outta college I traveled around Thailand and played at beach bars for free buckets of drank. Thats about it. What are your favorite places in the world to DJ? I only played Paris once but I was so hungover and almost missed the show , but it ended up being my favorite party I ever did, the crowd were all on the same page with what I was doing.  What is the scene like now in LA? It’s pretty amazing right now, there’s so many talented people coming here and already living here. Lots of good parties and good music. We have three studios in one building here and they are usual pretty busy with people coming in and out. What, to you, are the ingredients for a great party? Only thing you need for a good party is to have the right people, that’s it. You taught music production to kids in India – how did that happen? What was it like? There wasn’t much teaching, no one was really interested in getting into the production side of it. But they all loved to sing so I recorded a bunch in the slums and brought a group of kids to a famous producers house and we did an album that I still gotta finish. What makes you Canadian, besides your lumberjack beard? I have beaver slippers, I drink maple syrup like water and I smoke salmon in my backyard What do you sing in the shower? I just think about math equations in my head What’s always in your suitcase on tour? Swimming trunks, Science Illustrated, and Kindle Favorite ice cream flavor? Burnt Sugar    
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