Shanghai Fashion Week is upon us- starting today (April 11th) and going through next Tuesday (April 17th). Normally, fashion lovers would be admiring from afar- flipping through magazines for event recaps or creepin’ around Xintiandi fashion shows on beautiful people watch. However—thanks to our friends over at the Swedish Consulate, a few lucky winners might just get their creep on next to the runway. The Event: Army of Me Fashion Show As part of Shanghai Fashion Week, Army of Me will be showing off their new line this coming Saturday (April 14th) at 7:00p.m. We have 2 pairs of tickets ready for the taking—read on to find out how. The Brand: Army of Me Two childhood best buds from Stockholm, Daniel Wahlberg and Richard Sjoblom, traveled to China and decided to pursue their interest in creating a unique fashion brand for men (sorry ladies).  Sort of a “you’re into it, I’m into you, we’re in China, you wanna do it? Yea lets do it!” type thing.  Since then, they’ve grown into an international brand with market presence in over 10 countries such as Sweden, England, Italy, Spain, and the US. The Fashion: Understated but Out There Walberg and Sjoblom’s vision is to keep the basics simple- mostly black, white, and grey pieces with zero prints.  Their focus is on the clothing’s cut and design, playing with different angles and fabrics to create a stand out look suitable for everyday wear. To learn more about their brand, go here. Winning: How to Lucky for you, there are several ways to pocket these tickets.
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NOTE* The more channels you enter through, the greater the chance you’ll have to win. Special thanks to the Swedish Consulate for putting on this event and giving us a chance to be a part of it. The two winners (2 tickets apiece) will be announced Friday at 6:00p.m. through Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo! Lick it up!        
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