ProonK is a jewellery design brand by German artist Lisa Juen. Launched in Shangahi earlier this year, ProonK uses a mixture of industrial techniques and hand-finishing, so that each piece is a cross between high-end jewellery design, innovation and craft. Utilising cubic zirconia in a variety of rich colours, Juen produces jewellery lines from simpler, more wearable rings, earrings and cufflinks to strongly designed statement brooches. The “Globalettes” series features whimsical pieces in the form of carnivorous insects, with LED-lit stones. These unique ornate brooches were inspired by the neon lights of Shanghai, and are sure to draw attention! For a chance to WIN a ProonK piece, get down to DAFF on 5 May, where Lisa will be holding a free entry prize draw at her booth. She will also be unveiling her brand new line of ProonK T shirts, so be sure to check them out.  
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