Creating masks and sculptures started off as a hobby for local Shanghai artist Mike Loh. In our recent interview, he revealed that he started his journey using plaster bandages to make a Predator mask which looked awful, leading him to “do things the traditional way like Hollywood FX prop makers do and sculpted it.” All Loh’s art is hand made without any backup – he is a one man show. The magic is done with his creative mind, hands, and a maybe-not-as-creative electric drill. He says his inspiration comes mostly from his love of science fiction movies, quantum theory, the macabre, metaphysical subjects and nature (and when he says nature, it’s in the form of plants, sand erosion patterns, and rocks textures…just to clarify). Loh recently finished 3 bull heads for a newly moved Peruvian Tapas Lounge “Azul”.  You can check them out at: Follow Loh and his mind-blowing designs because in the near future, we’ll most likely be seeing them in the tons of movies and games we all love to download illegally. (woo!) For more of Loh’s amazing work visit: and make sure you drop by his booth and say hi at D.A.F.F this coming Saturday May 5, 2012.
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