We’ve waited all winter, now we can’t wait any longer… the Rooftops are back! TICT will take over Atanu for our third year of ten-hour, smile-soaked, sunburned, hands-in-the-air dance parties. Featuring the hottest DJ talent from Shanghai and around China, great drinks, panoramic views, and the most fun party crowd the Bund has ever seen. First up is the killer combo of TEASY and Robin Blixt.  Possibly the most ridiculously goodlooking DJ lineup of all time; two of the cool heads running Shanghai’s club scene pulled from their regular haunts and out into the sunshine. Teasy is a main force behind the success of LOLA for the last few years, not least because he’s often commanding the turntables with a smooth as fuck mix of tech- and deep house with nu disco. You might know Robin Blixt as the music director of Bar Rouge, rocking crowds weekly and bringing huge acts like A-Trak and Louie Vega.  He also throws down in city’s homes for house (Shiva and Lola) igniting dancefloors with slick selection and seamless mixing. Support from TICT residents Trix, Mau Mau and The Uhhh. TICT Summer Rooftop Series ft. Robin Blixt + TEASY Saturday, May 12th 4pm-2am Door: 80rmb w/one drink FREEEEE before 5pm IF you RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com. RSVP guest list closes at 5pm on Thursday, May 10 It goes down at Atanu, the historic Bund signal tower/lighthouse @ no.1 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu (near Yan’an Dong lu) *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday May 13th Teasy http://www.lolaclubshanghai.com/#!acts http://soundcloud.com/udancecn/udancecn-radio-lola-1 Robin Blixt http://www.robinblixt.com/ http://www.mixcloud.com/robinblixt/ TICT Residents http://soundcloud.com/theuhhh http://soundcloud.com/maumaushanghai http://soundcloud.com/ryantrix More Info: 更多信息: http://www.tictcreative.com` 5月12日,周六 我们已经等候了整个冬日,现在无需再去等待…… 屋顶派对回来啦! TICT将在Atanu开始操办我们第三年的“超10小时”、“舞动汗水”夏日舞会派对。 设想下,在外滩可以遇见发掘于中国各地与上海的最热的天才DJ、最棒的饮品、全视野的景色,以及最有趣的派对人群…… 第一组登台的“杀手”TEASY和Robin Blixt. 也许,这最不可思议漂亮DJ阵容将出现在整个活动中;我们将这两位最酷的“脑袋”从他们经常演出的场子里拽了出来,塞入到我们的这片阳光下! Teasy是最近几年,LOLA成功之后的一个主力;尤其是他超级棒的混音技术和与nu disco上的deep house完美配合,完全顺畅地驾驭着整个舞台! 您对Robin Blixt 的了解可能因为他是Bar Rouge的音乐总监,每周rocking的人群和照亮全场的A-Trak 和 Louie Vega。接下来他也将带来精心挑选,以及全新面貌调制的音乐(house,Shiva and Lola) 点燃城市上空的舞池! 来自TICT常驻DJ支持:Trix, Mau Mau  and The Uhhh。 TICT 夏日屋顶巡回派对 Robin Blixt + TEASY 5月12日,周六 4pm-2am 门票:80元(含酒水一杯) 如果您希望得到5pm前的免费入场,请邮件到:rsvp@tictcreative.com RSVP 客人名册的申请窗口将在5月10日,周四下午5点前关闭 Atanu—-外滩标志性历史建筑,老灯塔 中山东二路1号甲近延安东路 *如遇天气不测,派对将顺延至下一天:5月13日,周日  
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