MORE ROOFTOP!  The series kickoff was wild and we’re pushing the party even further for the follow-up with the help of three hot headliners: Unless you just stepped off the plane, the groove architect Jay.Soul needs no introduction.  If you’ve witnessed him blending classics in the shelter, or jacking heat at LOLA, or laying down hypnotic beats with Chacha as AM444, you know the big Dutchman has more funk in one eyelash than most men have in their pants. Tamlan S (UK) is a dance music pioneer in China – in the last seven years he’s toured the PRC over and brought acts like Carl Cox and Sasha.  In 2010 he founded the Elements crew to make unreal banging parties with fresh music in our neighbortown of Hangzhou.  Tamlan personally throws down with some of the deepest, dirtiest house and techno sounds you’ve ever heard. Looking back over the last few months, Tig has rapidly become the golden boy of the city’s underground club scene, breathing new life into classic deep house with precision ninja mixing skills and an ear for where your dancing shoes need to move next. The last one was packed by 7pm and we hit capacity on the rooftop for the second half of the night.  So come early!  Bring your breakfast, camp out on the bund, don’t miss a sick party. Saturday, May 26th 4pm-2am Door: 80rmb w/one drink FREEEEE before 5pm IF you RSVP: ONE RSVP NAME PER EMAIL RSVP guest list closes at 5pm on Thursday, May 24 It goes down at Atanu, the historic Bund signal tower/lighthouse @ no.1 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu (near Yan’an Dong lu) *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday May 27th Jay.Soul Tamlan S Tig TICT Residents More Info: 更多ROOFTOP即将登陆!度过狂野的ROOFTOP首场秀,接着我们将与三位热门DJ去推动接下来更为精彩的活动: 除非您刚下飞机,对 Jay Soul不甚了解 。如果之前已经关注他在Shelter BAR的经典混音,或是在LOLA BAR 的Jacking heat, 或是与AM444的Chacha 演绎Hypnotic  beat中被施以催眠,那么你所了解的这个荷兰小子还有更多精湛技艺在Funk,绝对可以说比其他人要多两把刷子。 Tamlan S(UK)是一位中国范围内的舞曲先锋—–在最近的7年里,带着他的Carl Cox和Sasha活动游历整个中国。在2010年,他创建了Elements 团队,伴随的新潮的音乐在我们邻近城市杭州创造了一起又一起不可思议的,具有轰动效应的派对。Tamlan将调配出极具个人风格的deepest, dirtiest 皓室音乐和techno 曲风,这些想必您从未听过…… 回顾最近的这几个月,Tig绝对是快速攀升,在这个城市的夜场中华丽变身为“城市金色男孩”;他给予经典的deep皓室以新的生命,当您的舞步踏出前,他能通过那双敏锐的耳朵及时的捕捉到,给到一个绝妙的混音。 最后这位我们将雪藏到晚上7点,为rooftop后半场高潮的到来,去推波助澜!如此精彩的节目一定要早点来!带上早饭,露营在外滩,千万别错过如此疯狂的派对! TICT 夏日屋顶巡回派对 Jay.Soul, Tamlan S , Tig 5月26日,周六 4pm-2am 门票:80元(含酒水一杯) 如果您希望得到5pm前的免费入场,请邮件到 RSVP 客人名册的申请窗口将在5月24日,周四下午5点前关闭 Atanu—-外滩标志性历史建筑,老灯塔 中山东二路1号甲近延安东路 *如遇天气不测,派对将顺延至下一天:5月27日,周日    
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