WARNING: This is for the ladies out there. Men please visit another post like this or that. I don’t know about you but I don’t really enjoy shopping in Shanghai. Every time I get the urge to go buy something for myself I go home empty handed and on the verge of tears because everything is poorly made and over priced. Fast forward to my recent find, xinlelu.com Jillian Xin, the founder of XINLELU.com spent many lazy afternoons browsing the independent boutiques and hidden lanes in the French Concession. She wanted to rebuild China’s vibrant and emerging fashion scene online. “My favourite clothes were found travelling off the beaten track – in a tiny boutique or hidden atelier – xinlelu.com is about recreating that experience.” Im sooooo glad that someone has had more luck and patience than myself in finding those great pieces by talented designers from around asia and beyond. Thanks to xinlelu.com I can avoid the frustration and sadness of shopping in Shanghai and the best part is . . . I don’t even have to leave my bed :) Looking forward to browsing the racks at the D.A.F.F. next weekend!
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