This year females are breaking into the electronic music scene in a major way. Four artists in particular, all seemed to get big at the same time, and they’re paving the way in the male-dominated sub-genre of bedroom producers. Meet Grimes, Nite Jewel, Laurel Halo, and Julia Holter.
These ladies can loosely be called ‘pop deconstructionists,’ but their music styles vary. Grimes is Montreal-based Claire Boucher. She layers a vaporous lispy falsetto over electro bubblegum ambient pop. Her music has been compared to the 80’s mall pop of Tiffany and Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts”. Nite Jewel is LA-based Ramona Gonzalez. Her lo-fi, experimental sound has been described as “1980s pop filtered through a tin can”. “One Second of Love” is one of her more danceable tracks and offers synth grooves and a mid-tempo drum beat. California-based Julia Holter has a mysterious, atmospheric sound that braids together lots of reverb and vocals. It’s been said that her “music sounds like it was assembled in a dusty library a floor or two below the sanctuary”. Check out “In the Same Room”. Laurel Halo is a bit less pop than the other three, but she shares the same retro-futurist nostalgia vibe. From a feminist standpoint, she is the most entrenched in a male-dominated genre. Laurel Halo took her name from a video game and her murky electro sound reflects her love of sci-fi. Check out “Acquifer”. A big thanks to my buddy, Lee, for giving me the heads up on these artists.
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