Friends and friends of friends have brought to our attention that a large group of policemen converged on our beloved Yong Fu Lu last night, asking all foreigners to show their passports. News has been flying about China’s crackdown on the Laowaipopulation, but it seemed like a distant threat until now. What went down: Police input passport numbers into a machine.  If the light turns green, you’re free to go.  If it goes red (not sure why this happens), be ready to bribe with everything you’ve got or else they take you away (again, no idea where). What you do: Get legal.  Carry a passport, or at least a copy or iphone pic of it with you at all times.  Pass this to your friends – make sure they’re doing the same.  If you’re ABC, act Chinese (brush up on that Mandarin, bro). We hear this campaign is going to last through the summer— hope to see y’all on the other side!
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