There’s no better house and techno jock in the country than Elvis T, and we’re lucky to have him back at the Roof on his Pathways album tour. Women want Elvis, and men want to be him. For more than five years his team at Acupuncture Records have been proving that China is home to world-class dance music, from festival events to studio productions. Elvis’ set last year was one of the highlights of our summer season: this is a DJ who doesn’t just mix tracks, but sculpts sets: three- and four- deck mixing, loops that tease and reappear unexpectedly later; hands in the air at every turn. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year. Mia is the definition of a DJ’s DJ. Speaking softly and commanding a dancefloor, it’s no wonder she’s constantly in demand – from the biggest Beijing rave parties to ridiculously exclusive private events. Recently, she’s created the ‘Panda Injection’ party series, and released a killer track on Elvis’ new Remixes album. Taking it all in stride with a constantly evolving selection of fresh music, never dropping a beat and never losing her sense of fun, Mia is, simply put, the bomb. Plus support from the Cream Team – Trix, Mau Mau, The Uhhh dropping party music across the spectrum to get you sweating early and keep feet moving late. 地平线、阳光、重低音还有微笑:这些陪伴我们度过了一个整月;在新的一轮屋顶派对我们将回到老灯塔Atanu.这个DJ阵容是:一对极具毁灭性的中国DJ组合,一个北京人和一个从加拿大回来的上海人,一男一女两位我们从未遇见过的、如此专注的天才艺人。 在这个国家没有谁比Elvis T 能够演绎更好的皓室和Techno DJ, 我们是如此幸运,可以遇见正在行走于个人唱片之路上的他们,能够重回屋顶派对。女人想得到他们,男人希望成为他们。在中国的这5年,他们从家庭派对到面向世界;超越了太多当时他们在Acupuncture Records team的表现。现在,从各大音乐节到工作室的创作都能看到他们世界级的dance music。Elvis去年在我们夏季有一个漂亮的表现:这些是未经过多粉饰的桥段,然而这些里程碑式的制作—-三四个层面的混音,交错循环,之后在无可估量的过程中被梳理其中;每次的折返似乎是空气中一双无形的手。我们迫不及待这年在派对上看到他们!• Mia 得到DJ的DJ的美誉。轻柔的发音统领着舞池,不必担心她在是否能够得心应手—从北京各式纷呈的派对到不可思议专属私人派对。当前,她正在着手“Panda Injection”的系列派对,并且发布一首致命的桥段在Elvis的新专辑内。把持住所有她持续插入的新鲜音乐且不断跨越;永不落的打击和永不逝去她的愉悦。Mia是实实在在的一颗重磅炸弹! 来至TICT团队的无缝支持:Trix, Mau Mau ,The Uhhh为您甜蜜的感觉的及早到来与保持美好感觉的不断延续,将倾注全力在音乐的波谱中遨游! Elvis T Mia TICT Residents This party is sick, but the venue is small so bring your friends early, Or you’ll be lined up in the hall. 这个派对是超越了想象 但场地的容纳能力是有限的 因此请您与您的朋友早些入场,否则只能无奈的在大厅里排队 There’s only two tables on the rooftop, book them: 15921317783 仅有两张桌子在屋顶派对,如需订位请拨打:15921317783 Saturday, June 23rd 6月23日,周六 4pm-2am 下午4点到凌晨2点 Door: 80rmb w/one drink 门票:80元每位,含饮料一杯 FREEEEE before 5pm IF you RSVP: 如需得到下午5点前的免费入场,请请邮件到: ONE RSVP NAME PER EMAIL 一个邮件地址对应一位来宾 RSVP guest list closes at 5pm on Thursday, June 21st RSVP 客人名册的申请窗口将在6月21日,周四下午5点前关闭 It goes down at Atanu, the historic Bund signal tower/lighthouse Atanu—-外滩标志性历史建筑,老灯塔 @ no.1 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu (near Yan’an Dong lu) 中山东二路1号甲近延安东路 *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday June 24th *如遇天气不测,派对将顺延至下一天:6月24日,周日
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