Three is a special number for TICT.  We eat three meals a day; we wish weekends were three days long; our creative director has three nipples.  AND IT’S OUR THIRD ANNIVERSARY!  To celebrate, we’re going back to the beach and bringing a massive sound system, sunscreen, pool toys and our favorite djs: Drunk Monk and Chacha will take an afternoon out of the Shelter for their long-anticipated TICT debut.  One of the fiercest music collectors, appreciators and selectors in the city, Monk is the mastermind behind Sub Culture and Uprooted Sunshine as well as the driving force at our favorite dance spot the Shelter.  Lyricist and producer Chacha will grace the mic with her signature flow that’s been blowing up worldwide – she’s been released on labels like Hyperdub and On-U and collaborated with names too big to drop here. We <3 Acid Pony Club – the tunes they put out, their support for local artists, plus unforgettable DJ dances.   2012 could be the Year of the Pony – watch out for house and disco releases on “vinyl” with “record labels,” collaborations with everyone they can get their hooves on, plus live acid-house and synthed-out rock band side projects pushing every boundary, equine-style. And, visa fingers crossed, we’ll be witnessing the return of an Aussie DJ with a special place in our hearts: Adept, one of the original TICT residents for the first rooftop series, grandmaster of the bleep, the bloop, and the thrust, thrust, thrust. Support from TICT residents Mau Mau and The Uhhh. (Thanks for dancing with us the last three years, in warehouses, on rooftops, roller rinks, beaches, pools, and clubs across the city.  We promise we’ll stay creamy if you keep licking it up.)   对于TICT,“3”是一个特别的数字。不全是我们每日吃三餐;我们希望周末是三天;或是我们的创意总监有三个小咪咪:P。主要是TICT三周岁啦!将为我们的3周年庆生! 为了这次庆生,我们将回到阳光沙滩;将带上大型的音响系统、防晒霜、泳池玩具以及我们最爱的DJ们! Drunk Monk 与 Chacha 将从他们长期蹲点的Shelter Bar出来,用上整个下午参与在TICT 的首场秀。这城市中最厉害的音乐收藏家、鉴赏家之一,Monk是我们最最爱的Shelter Bar 的 核心驱动力,他是将文艺聚集、将阳光带到了地下的幕后策划者。诗人加制作人的Chacha将用她那标志性的声音优雅的划过麦克风。那在世间出现过—-她已发布的桥段像Hyperdub、On-U以及与一些响当当名头的人物合作过的;这些将从天而降到这。 We <3 Acid Pony Club—他们发行的一些曲目,对本土艺术家上的支持,加上他们那些永不能忘怀的DJ之舞。2012可能就是Pony之年,敏锐于皓室和Disco音乐;他们发布的曲目在”vinyl”与“record lables”。并在舞曲的编排上与各界人士通力合作,加之live acid-house 和synthed-out rock的完美结合,这一切将在那与您完美相约。 还有,注意啦!我们可以打起幸运的手势,因为在我们心中占有特殊位置的的澳大利亚DJ,将可以见证他的回归!Adept,在TICT第一场屋顶派对上出现的”原驻民”,将继续表现他在the bleep, the bloop 和the thrust, thrust, thrust的大师地位。 来自TICT常驻DJ支持:Mau Mau , The Uhhh 万分感谢三年来您对我们的大力支持!无论是在老仓库、或在屋顶、或在溜冰场、或在沙滩、或在泳池、或是在城市间的Club……我们承诺,只要您需要舔上一口TICT冰激凌上那浓浓的奶油,我们将一直为您保留那分甜蜜!   Saturday, June 30th 6月30日,周六 11am-10pm 上午11点到晚上10点 Bund Beach 外滩阳光沙滩 Waima Lu near Maojiayuan Lu 外马路近毛家园路 Door: 100rmb 门票:100元 FREE for the FIRST HOUR (11am-12pm) w/RSVP: ONE RSVP per Email, write your full name in the subject line 活动开始的第一小时免费 (11:00-12:00)。 发送email 到rsvp@tictcreative.com申请每个email地址对应一位来宾并且请附注您的全名在主题栏。 *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday July 1st *如遇天气不测,派对活动将顺延至下一天(7月1日,周日)   Acid Ponies   Drunk Monk + Chacha   TICT Residents  
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