Hey Hey’all I know how much you like the fresh sheit. So I wanted to share some freshness from THE FRESHEST with you. THE FRESHEST is a Vancover based DJ collective comprised of some very fresh dudes. The concept behind this ‘Live Set’ series is to challenge the boundaries of DJing and push the envelope by breaking down the interaction of the performer and the track and rebuilding it from scratch.
Pretty fresh huh? They used 2 Akai MPDs, 2 Technics 1200s, 2 TTM 57s, 1 Roland Juno 106, & a Korg R3. I actually have no idea what this means and just copied and pasted it from their blog. That, my friends, is not fresh. If your fresh tank isn’t quite filled you can check out their ‘Live Set 1.0’ Hope you have a fresh-ass day.
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