Some of us would like to eat semi-healthily once in a while. Most of us, however, would rather wander the streets until hunger hits and pick up something quick (and oily) than go to the grocery store and cook our own damn healthy dinner.  China spoils us with cheap restaurants, while drowning us in peanut and sunflower oil. Enter the vegetable dudes on Wulumuqi: one healthy alternative (besides overpriced and un-filling western salads) when you’re not ready or willing to do all the backbreaking work yourself. Located on the corner of Wulumuqi and Wuyuan Lu (3 doors north of the Avocado Lady), these dudes — a father and son from Anhui — cook and prepare every veggie imaginable.  Like a buffet, you use tongs to fill up your own tupperware bucket, picking and choosing exactly what and how much you want. They’ve got broccoli, mu-er, kaofu (my #1 pick), carrots, mushrooms, horse beans, 3 different types of tofu, peanuts, seaweed, liangpi, cucumber, and a lot of other Chinese vegetables I have yet to try/learn the names of. Once you hand over your selections, the smaller of the dudes dumps them into a big bowl and mixes in oil, spices, garlic, cilantro, soy sauce, and a few other seasonings (and you can always tell them what you want/don’t want).  10 rmb gets you more veggies than you can finish. The dudes’ fare is perfect for lunch, afternoon snacking or dinner.  But be warned — they’re only open between 3pm-7pm (tough times, I know).  Before and after that, the veggie shop transforms into a cigarette counter —  if you can’t find it, you know why. Not into veggies?  No problem.  Right next to their big ass veggie section, they’ve got a even bigger-assed meat table.  Everything from duck legs to pig ears.  My personal favorites are the chicken, pigeon, and duck simmered in a hong shao/soy sauce broth.  Two big duck legs will cost you less than 20rmb.  An entire delicious soy saucey chicken? 26rmb. Get at it.    
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