You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you. Well, it is, and it’s also about how you can take your vanity to the next level at the Shanghai Museum of Glass. The gleaming installment opened in Shanghai in 2011 and is quite the piece of innovation. The museum is nestled in Shanghai’s Baoshan District, the industrial area where much of China’s glass is produced and polished. Part of the city’s effort to establish prominence in global creativity and culture, the museum is just one phase of a glass-themed research and technology park due to complete in 2018, on top of a planned sculpture yard, science park, as well as business park. The exterior is complete in solid black, crafted by Shanghai-based German design firm Logon Architecture. Made from glass material of German-import, the sand blasted and enameled façade is encrypted with glass-related vocabulary in various languages, revealing a worldwide celebration of glass as both a science and an art. As night dawns, LED blacklights stunningly illuminate the words – and monument – from within. Coordination Asia, a similar German design company with offices in Shanghai and Berlin, constructed the inner structure of the building. Every surface of the interior is bound by glass, making the floors, walls and even furniture slick and shiny, coated in black lacquer. Dark and reflective, every single angle of the museum appears mirrored and multi-dimensional. Glass shows, flameworking and DIY creation workshops are available for curious learners while contemporary glass designs are exhibited in various galleries, showcasing progressing talent in the art of translucency. The history of glass and glass-making can also be accessed for those who are in it for the more historic and scientific side. Admission is ticketed, but what’s a few bucks for a nice trippy Sunday afternoon with some friends? For the vainest of heart, there’s nothing like seeing the reflection of your own reflection’s reflection (what?) amplified from all angles of a room. Don’t forget to wipe that drool stain off your face on your way out! For museum and exhibition schedules, or more information, click here.
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